Unit3 2017 expansion & Plans

Thanks to funding from Vivid housing!
The Unit3 studio now seats 15 people with a creative space!
& we’ve got even more exciting opportunities for the local community coming up!

The Unit3 manager & artist Tanya, working for South East Hampshire Community Outlook, & the Big Lottery funded Step Forward project;
has been contracted to provide 28 days of workshops for National Citizen Service participants via Personal Best Education, over the summer.
That’s a potential 420 young people passing through the studio! to take part in a creative project, which explores identity.

Starting in October 2017, Unit3 is partnering with Highbury College to provide free and accredited creative courses for the local adult community 18+.
More info. & the opportunity to sign-up / reserve your space – Soon!

& of course!
Every single Wednesday afternoon, we open for the local youth club Cre8.
Since January we have 25 young artists registered with us, with up to 12 attending every week!
Our current project is ‘Self Portraits’, and for the next couple of months, all who pass through the studio will be adding their image to our windows for a street view gallery!
Keep an eye – it’s going to look amazing!

Cre8 is partnering with Yservices to offer sessions at Yfest in July, and we have 2 of our young leaders training for the NOCN Youth work qualification, for which, 2 modules will also be taking place, at the studio!

It’s all coming together! Unit3’d 🙂

Links & more info to follow!


Unit3 – Cre8 sessions

Wednesday’s are all about the local youth getting Cre8’ive!

Since January 4th, every Wednesday from 3:30-6pm, we have opened our door to young artists’ and their talent, the work being made is outstanding!

We are now beginning to form partnerships with other local provision to offer specialist sessions, keep an eye on our Facebook for details as they come.

We’ll be running a food related craft session in support of Fareham Borough Council and the Broadlaw Community centre, for their new food recycling initiative during Easter, on the 12th April.

28 days of ‘Name’ related workshops will take place, in support of the National Citizen Service, in the summer.

& we are beginning to form some very exciting plans with YServices – including support of their new & fantabulous Y-Fest event!

Read more here.




I’ve been collecting thoughts from Fareham’s residents today. I approach people at random on the street and explain my project ‘thoughts become feelings’. I ask them to write down their first thoughts of the morning, or if they prefer, something they’re thinking right now or throughout the day.

I really want to share my experiences and be able to explain the range of emotions this process gave me, but I find it hard to do this. When discussing with peers some of my initial judgements on the people I approached, I found it hard to remain PC, whilst still being able to articulate the seeming juxtaposition between a persons response and my first impression of them.

I found some of the most powerful responses, with the broadest use of language, came from groups traditionally perceived as unschooled, uncultured or a burden on the tax payer even, if you’re looking at it from a media perspective.

So the only way I feel I can talk about this work without perpetuating these false stereotypes is to draw on the old adage of never judging a book by its cover. And that when you commit to engaging with people they often have something profound to say – people from all walks of life, sharing similar struggles, hopes and fears. It’s just a case of finding out through communication.

When individuals share their internal doubts and feelings of self-blame as a group, feelings of solidarity emerge and more importantly the influence of external factors is put into question.

Cre8 – bring into existence!

The Unit3 Studio is finally opening its doors to the public!
Beginning with an ‘ALL WELCOME’ Christmas Special!
Weekly sessions for local youth start Wednesday 4th January 2017.
See the Cre8 website for more info. or follow us on Facebook.

Formed by the Big Lottery funded Step Forward team, and with the support of the Unit3 professional artists’ in residence.
The aim is to empower local young people to steer the design and future of the Cre8 project.

Weekly sessions run every Wednesday, beginning January 2017:
10-14 year olds 4pm-6pm
15-18 year olds 6:30pm-8:30pm

The Cre8 team are also developing:
National Awareness / Seasonal sessions.
School Holiday clubs.
Working in partnership with local youth and community provision, to facilitate specialist / bespoke programmes.

As part of the Step Forward project, Cre8 also outreach in Portsmouth, Gosport, Fareham and Havant.
Part of South East Hampshire Community Outlook.