Introducing Resident Artist Keith Hopewell.

Keith’s proposed project for 6month working at Unit3 is entitled:

‘Bishopsfield Road – Garages 1 – 17’
A lifelong artist and recent graduate from Winchester School of Art, my practice is focused on the exploration of public space, to develop new understandings of how artwork functions in these environments.
By working with the residents in the Fareham area, by means of dialogue, my aim is to produce work, both in the studio and the public sphere, to create new ways of seeing and experiencing the environment, to explore how different modes of working function in the wider community, and indeed how the community respond.
I will install temporal works, which feedback into the community and allow residents to view their surroundings through a new lens. Meeting opportunities at Unit3, will enable the residents to discuss the installation, allowing them to feedback their relationship to the work, how it made them feel, and how they would approach it themselves. Outreach work, a fortnightly meeting session, and ongoing dialogue, will ensure communal participation. My role at Unit 3 will involve engaging with local residents via various means, by facilitating projects as a response to the collected data arising from the dialogue with residents. By encouraging this type of engagement in an open and non-contrived manner, we are removing boundaries, that previously may have inhibited them to other forms of interaction outside their existing social circle. Art can be used as an effective means of change, especially in areas where people often live alone, and are increasingly isolated, or suffering from depression. The idea is, to create new contexts within an everyday environment, by means of ‘happenings’ and ‘events’ as a direct response to the residents own ideas and interactions. Once the projects are underway, I can further initiative by talking to local institutions such as Fareham College, to present the work we are doing in the community, and to invite more participation and opportunities for art students to gain experience of putting art studio ideas into a wider context. The first project I am proposing, is focused on the abundance of garages around the estate, and is entitled
‘Bishopsfield Road – Garages 1 – 17’. My idea is to use the garages in service area 11, as either a framework or space, to convey new meanings, using type, text, and numeric systems to create new language structures, by incorporating the existing numeric systems already in the estate planning. The project will be undertaken using only lo-fi and temporal materials, and link intrinsically with key residents living at specific house numbers. Final artworks will be presented at the ‘Activate’ exhibition with an open invitation to local residents and beyond.


Keith’s work covers an astonishing range of themes, spanning nearly thirty years, challenging our perception and approach to fine art mediums. His multi-disciplinary practice is focused on utilising space and understanding how work functions within the environment we exist in.
Graduating from Winchester School of Art in 2015, Keith has been turning his attention to running creative workshops with Young people and the broader community.

see more of Keith’s work here Part2ism

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