Introducing Resident Artist Suzanne Carr.

Suzanne’s proposed project for 6month working at Unit3 is entitled:

‘Strength in Community amid Fragile Conditions’
In current times, less affluent communities often have an overwhelming sense of being left behind and forgotten about. This feeling simultaneously has the potential to divide and unite. ‘Strength in Community amid Fragile Conditions’ aims to highlight and nurture the latter, creating and developing a dialogue between residents and equipping people with skills to communicate their feelings through positive creative outlets. Through ‘re-appropriation’, the project aims to enable participants to address and question their daily issues and turn them into positive creative form. The 3-month project will establish relationships with the local community of Fareham through face-to- face meeting, social media and studio workshops and collaboratively produce a variety of multi-disciplinary art works. The ‘Activate’ exhibition will display the participants work and members of the community will be invited to celebrate not only the work, but themselves also. The underlying context of this project is to explore the idea of individual and community power and how its resilience and ability is defined through current economic and social difficulties. Through re-appropriation, individuals can highlight their struggles and articulate their feelings in a constructive way. Through creative processes participants will explore their identities and roles within the community and how the current climate impacts on this. The wider community will then be given an opportunity to respond via various mediums; photography, installation, audio recordings et al, leading to a developed sense of self, improving well-being and empowerment whilst promoting local cohesion and instilling the sense of working together achieving greatness. In order to nurture their ideas, participants will be exposed to a variety of artists, projects and presentations whilst being mentored by myself, a practising artist and
resident of the Unit3 Studio. They will have creative freedom to develop their own ideas whilst being supported, and working together to channel concepts and make their voice heard.


Following a career in Administration, Suzanne, a single mum, returned to college a ‘mature student’, to develop her hobby of documentary photography, with a view to move into a professional career in television.
Graduating from a BA in Fine Art at Winchester School of Art in 2014 – she has since been selected for an internship in Documentary film making at the BBC, supporting research for a range of productions including Louis Theroux.

see more of Suzanne’s work on her Blog

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