Keith and I met up with some local residents on Friday, both around Mitre Court and in Fareham town centre. All of which were good enough to give us their time and share some stories about themselves and the local area. We wanted to know how people felt about their community; its assets and ways it could be improved and also how they felt about art and the possibilities of how they could contribute towards projects to make art work for them.
In speaking with people, it became clear that for the majority it wasn’t really on their radar. Some even felt slightly alienated from it. However, in conversation many had good ideas on how they could contribute towards the studio and certainly gave us some food for thought on how we can progress our own ideas and put things into motion practically through some upcoming workshops.
We have been filming our movements and the people we meet, forming the beginnings of a documentary that will archive the collaborative efforts of all involved.
Here’s some images from the footage Keith shot…

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