Thoughts become Feelings

I recently took a trip to Amsterdam for a few days. I love the city. The architecture, people, quirky shops; there’s a real creative buzz there. The visually enticing environment, particularly all the lights and signage really inspire me. It’s similar to when I find a piece of art that makes me take a second look. Often it’s a feeling, a mood, channelled through a far off distant thought I can’t quite recall that leads to the affiliation. I also visited Gunther Von Hagen’s ‘Body Worlds’ exhibition and was really motivated by the imagery and messages that pushed for audience’s to focus on the importance of adopting positive attitudes and the fact that perception, rather than circumstance is vital in development, growth, and well being. I wanted to use some of the ideas I had at Unit3 and explore them in conjunction with Strength in Community amid Fragile Conditions: The thoughts I have about the area, my surroundings, myself and the local commununity documented through photographs and the images re-appropriated with a multi discipline approach to nurture feelings. The photos were taken on a walk around the area and in the studio itself and as the work is developed, the images and concepts behind them will be further explored with a view to using some of the material and processes in community workshops and at exhibition.

Suzanne Carr 

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