Public Installations Through Community Engagement

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with numeric systems, type, and also lo-fi installations that explore the principals of gestalt.

Project 1, involved creating an autonomous map of the residents garages from 1-17 on Bishopsfield Road, based near the Unit 3 Studio. The map was based on information provided by local residents, explaining that only 3 residents have garages connected to their house number, and the rest we’re outsourced to non-residents.

Project 2 was a response to the abundance of maintenance works between the studio and Fareham rail station, where I installed a temporal text reading ‘No Data’. From this installation, I derived project 3, a minimalist project, where various compositions made up of black and red circles, were then installed at locations in the community and local public sphere. The concept was to invite members of the community to to pick the placement of 8 red circles on a grid drawn on paper, in juxtaposition with the remaining black circles, and then installed at selected locations.

The aim is to investigate the similarities of the chosen placements, and how they relate in practice to the principals of gestalt theory, and visual perception. The residents who designed the compositions were from broad age groups, ranging from 18 years old to 63 years of age. The participation encourages inclusivity, in an area where many residents live alone, and feel isolated. The project opens up new lines of communication that perhaps didn’t exist before, and to be able to think objectively about their surroundings. The project also allows local residents to view their environment through a brand new lens, and the ability to transform it without needing access to any expensive materials.

Read more about Gestalt theory here.



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